Entry #3

Opening commisisons!

2015-12-17 17:32:23 by Latenightsexycomics

Hello Everyone!  so I’ve finally gotten myself to a good point in all my project that I’m able to open up some commissions again!  I’ve recently been blessed with a huge boost of followers, and with that a whole slew of messages asking about commission/ request work.  So here it is!
$17+ for sketches
$35+ for paintings
$69+ (wink wink) for Animations!
$30+ for animation roughs
$100+ for flash games
I’ve got a couple slots open and it’s first come first serve so send me an e-mail at latenightsexycomics@gmail.com if you’re serious and we can work out all the details!
Thank you all for the wonderful support you’ve given me in the past and on this site, and I only ask that you share if you can. 


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2016-04-17 14:40:35

Do you have an example of rough animation?

Latenightsexycomics responds:

Yeah, let me post one. Just a sec!