Entry #1

Ahhh! Hello newgrounds!

2015-01-20 20:04:35 by Latenightsexycomics

Sssoooooo... I'm a smut artist... and I've been hearing good things about newgrounds.  I'd like to eventually get to the point where I can make full hentai shorts to post, and I was hoping joining would inspire me a bit.  Anyway, here's to hoping I stick with this and we can all have some fun!  I've a huge backlog so I'll probs post once a day until I catch up (if I ever catch up).  So yeah, hello and enjoy the smut!

-LNSC <3


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2015-05-18 01:58:57

Welcome to Newgrounds. (This is RandomRedneck)

Latenightsexycomics responds:

RR! <3 I'd no idea you were on here! I should have guessed!


2015-05-18 02:20:13

Yeah, my ass is everywhere.


2015-05-25 01:20:58

i love smut as much has the next person, Kill la Kill smut is my favorite type of smut:D

Latenightsexycomics responds:

kill la kill is pretty great!


2015-05-27 01:12:20

Keep being awesome LNSC <3 :D

Latenightsexycomics responds:

I'll certainly try! :)


2015-06-02 00:55:50

LOve IT!